Why Baahubali is a must watch

Baahubali; the Beginning was released on 10th July 2015 and was seen by millions across the globe. I was not one of them- till after Baahubali-Part 2 ( Baahubali-the Conclusion) was released on 28th April 2017.

Consequently it seems strange that I am now advocating that Baahubali-Part 2 is a must watch. My interest arose when some close friends, who are otherwise most stable and relaxed calm persons passionately and repeatedly praised the movie with gay abandon. The question “Why Katappa killed Bahubali?” I had heard for 20 months now and I had ignored. Ultimately i did become curious as to who is Katappa, who is Bahubali and why the former killed the latter. Well, to know that, one would have to see “Bahubali Part 2” or rather “Bahubali the Conclusion”.

Hence i decided to watch Baahubali-2 and to understand it better I saw Baahubali-1 on 30th April 2017. I loved it and immediately followed it up by seeing Baahubali-2 in the theatre the very next day. I loved it too and strongly feel it is a must watch.

Why ? Read on.


Bahubali -2 is grand. Its magnificent. This is a fantasy drama which showcases the magnificent kingdom of Mahismati. I do not think anything grander has been seen like this in Indian cinema so far. This indeed is India’s Lord of the Rings and the visuals are stunning and will remain in memory for a long time.

Marvellous and breathtaking fights. 

While the fights are violent, they are glorious and spectacular. There is both combat in its most primitive form of one gladiator assaulting another with full fury and geeting hit backed at with redoubled vigour by the opponent. There is also use of strategy and guile. Finally, David vs Goliath has always been a tale of fascination, and here too one sees the outnumbered taking on numerically superior and powerful opponent with planning and strategy.

Prabhas and Rana Dagubatti. 

No action movie is watchable unless one has not only a tough hero but an equally tough, if not tougher villain. Prabhas plays the role of both Amarendra Baahubali as well as Mahendra Baahubali and it is an amazing performance. Rana Dagubatti as the powerful Bhalla exudes menace and hostility. He also has an air of invincibility which makes the final fight between him and Mahendra a much anticipated one. The special effects, i assure you is enthralling and does not disappoint at all.

Film has it all

The movie has it all, Adventure, romance, love, betrayal, conspiracy, valour, weakness, deception and much more. It is a roller coaster ride of enjoyment.

Anushka Shetty. 

Anushka as the beautiful warrior princess Devasena steals the show as well. Not only does she look good, she fights magnificently too. It is a terrific performance by her.

Why did Katappa Kill Baahubali

This is the most important question for the last 20 months and the answer is revealed in Part 2. Why will a loyal and devoted follower kill the person he loves more than anything else in the world. See the movie to know, and i assure you that the Director has crafted the story well.

For all these reasons and more, go and see Baahubali 2. This is the biggest ever movie made in India and promises to be the biggest ever hit as well. It is India’s 1st movie to make 1000 crores. and still counting.

Go and see it in the theatres and be a part of history, while you are having an enjoyable three hours as well

Thanks a lot Rajamouli Ji. Looking forward to see you make the Mahabharata. I feel only you can do justice to this Epic.